Our Story

Hi, Ruthanne here. A mommy of 2 toddlers & a crazy busy life. Let's face it, after you have children your body is DIFFERENT & for me this meant bigger. I held on to all my pre baby clothes thinking: 

'In about a month i should be able to fit back into these'.

A month passed..3 months..9 months..1 year..NOPE.

Getting ready everyday meant a huge pile of clothes on the floor as i tried to stuff myself into my old jeans and tee's. When i was able to fit myself into an old dress it was now too short.

Modesty with pre baby clothes was NOT POSSIBLE.

That's when Leina Shine was born. A boutique that would offer:

1. Modest Clothing - no more sifting through department store racks to find just one modest item, while holding two babies. UGH, the worst!

2. Versatility - I ain't got time for that! I need a wardrobe that could be thrown on with some tenny's for playground days YET cute enough with some heels and my favorite jeans for dinner dates. 

We offer every day pieces that are perfect for children play dates, date nights and Sunday best.

Every piece FASHIONABLE and MODEST. YES! You can have both!

ALL our pieces are hand picked and worn by yours truly. I pride myself in keeping my standards while satisfying that need to be fashionable.

I feel amazing in all my Leina Shine apparel & we know you will too!

Ruthanne H.